Remedy IT Service Management is an integrated set of Web-enabled, best-practice software applications that monitor and manage the business processes involved in the delivery of IT services.

The QMX Customer Service and Support Solution is built on a series of interoperable Remedy products that provide a means for companies to better manage their customer service operations.

The QMX Crisis Response Management Solution enables organizations to plan for, recognize, respond to and recover from unexpected events, ranging from cyber-attacks to natural disasters.

Our consultants are recognized experts in workflow and business design and best practice implementation.

QMX can integrate Remedy ITSM solutions to allow bi-directional, scheduled, and event-driven data exchange between any Remedy application and any other ITSM product.

QMX has the most experienced Remedy Consultants in the business, many with over 10 years of experience implementing Remedy applications, including the original Remedy Approved Consultants.

QMX delivers solutions to clients that will reduce costs, improve profitability and free up capital — generating a lasting and measurable impact on the productivity of people and assets.